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Formula Neon

Item Customizations

Item Customizations

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What's Included?

The package will include the following items:


2. 12v Power Supply & Adapter

3. Wireless Remote & Dimmer

4. Installation Kit

Shipping & Fulfillment


After the order is placed, the NEONTRAC ships in 1-2 business days (In-Stock items only).

We use express shipping which takes an additional 3-5 business days after the dispatch. The total order time from when you place your order to receive your NEONTRAC is 6-9 business days.


Small - 9inch

Medium - 24inch

Large - 32inch

2 YEAR Warranty

Formula neon warrants that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 24 months from the date of receipt. This warranty applies to purchases for personal or household use only and is not valid for commercial use. The product is intended for indoor use, and the warranty applies for indoor use only.

NO VAT, Customs Duties & Taxes

Now you can shop with peace of mind from around the World. You don't have to worry about VAT, Customs Duties, or any import taxes. Formula Neon will take care of it all.

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