Engineering Drawing Mockup Formula Neon

Engineering drawing mockup of a NEONTRAC

At Formula Neon, we have spent hundreds of hours developing and perfecting the NEONTRAC. In the process, we have overcome several challenges and have now mastered the materials, design and manufacturing process to perfection. 

Why choose Formula Neon?

  • Technical Expertise:
    We have navigated the technical landscape of hundreds of specifications of neon LED's to find the optimum power density to power consumption ratio to showcase in our products

  • Rapid Product Development & Order Fulfillment:
    We have established an end-to-end supply chain; from design to manufacturing to international logistics, we can bring your ideas to life in just a few weeks

  • Easy, Hassle-Free Experience
    We can require as little as two interactions from you to deliver you a NEONTRAC. We want to do all the heavy lifting for you.


CAD 3d Modelling of a NEONTRAC

How do I order a custom NEONTRAC?

Step 1) Choose from one of three custom options

Order a custom NEONTRAC

1) Solo (NEONTRAC x1)

2) Duo (NEONTRAC x2)

3) Pro (NEONTRAC x3)

Step 2) Order the product and submit your artwork

Add a file which contains the track you want us to build for you

Step 3) That's it!

We will take it from here. Unless you selected the "PRO" option, you should receive your custom NEONTRAC within to 4 weeks.

For the PRO custom NEONTRAC, we will reach out to you by email

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