Buyer's Guide | 6 Ways to save on your first purchase!

Running an online business is a challenge. Anyone that says otherwise is lying to you. Take it from me, I have tried 4 times in the past and have failed EVERYTIME!

I don't say this to make it seem impossible or for you to have sympathy for me. I express my honesty in the hope for us to find mutual ground and agreement.

In this blog post, I'm gonna be honest and take a vulnerable approach with the world. I'm gonna share with you some internal numbers, which by no means am I obligated to do. However, I do so with the intent of finding mutual gains while hopefully building a genuine connection with you. 

So let's get to it. 

How can we both save money?

At Formula Neon we spend between USD $30-60 to acquire a paying customer. Amongst other things, this is the money that we have to pay the likes of Google and Facebook to advertise our products to you. I want to find a way to put this money into our pockets instead of theirs. 

What do I need from you?

As a business, we market to get paying customers. Instead of rewarding media giants like Google and Facebook, I want to reward you for some shoutouts and referrals instead. While having customers refer others is certainly not new, I'm hoping my honesty helps you understand my motivation behind doing this. Having successful word-of-mouth advertising allows us to re-direct money towards benefitting you by reducing the price you pay for the product and by reducing our expenses.




But there is so much more!

From x,y and z to p, q and r the possibilites wiht formula neon are limitless


The Essentials

Unboxing | Experience the NEONTRAC

Tell them what to expect inside the box and give them links on how to setup the product. Tell them to make sure that light is working if not use customer support

Customer Support | Help! Something is not right!

Product Review | Help others understand the product

Protection Plan | Extend your warranty


Store Credit & Cash

Loyalty Program | Earn rewards towards your next purchase

Referral Program | Give 15% and Get US$ 15

Affiliate Program | Get cash straight into your pocket


What's next?

NEON ROOM | Members Area & Perks

Coming in 2023 | 5 New Products w/ 732 variations

Going Digital | Take the survey

Last, but not the least

Don't Forget

Stay in the know | Follow us on social for the latest

Help us Grow | We are always looking for talent


Your Discount Coupons | 5 x 15% OFF discount vouches

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